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7cm Ball Blob - Metallic DarkPink/Turquoise

7cm Ball Blob - Metallic DarkPink/Turquoise

Hand shaped metallic dark pink blobs with metallic turquoise balls. 1 of 1 pair available on hooks, studs, leverback or clip-on.


Materials - 

Polymer clay, gold plated brass


Dimensions -  

L 7cm W 2.5cm H 1.5cm


Weight -  Light

10g each, 20g combined weight


These are 1 off handmade items and may be damaged or break if misused and overworn. Please store them in the provided box to avoid direct sunlight, dust and hardware tarnishing. Please do not heat drop, or bend. Stains and make-up can be removed with a small amount of rubbing alcohol.  Any issues please feel free to email me at or Direct Message me on Instagram @g1000jewellery. All Packaging is recycled and recyclable.

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